Devil’s advocate

Devil’s advocate

Question : After the initial answer has been posted, you must then respond to another student’s answer in a critical way by playing “devil’s advocate” and elaborating on your point of disagreement. You must do this by Wednesday, February 14.

You should keep all of your work on this discussion civil, articulate, and well-informed by the readings. You will be graded on the quality of your work and its relevance to the topic and readings. Each response should be 1 paragraph at most. The online discussions are worth 6 points: 3 points for your initial answer and 3 points for your critical response.


Employer enforcement refers to the use of force by an employee to act in a certain way. This is unfair to all employees under the employee protection rights. Responses to private governments are not good for workers when they are subjected to extreme conditions or regulations that require workers to return to their employers, even if the coercion of the workers is not accepted. Workers should always use the best strategy to leave employers. It is a truthful and fair way in which all labor relations and labor relations can be accepted. The best way is to be able to make a complaint or inquiry about how to leave an employee in relation to an employing agency and wages and various conditions. Basically this will help your employer get out of rights, coercion, and even discrimination at work. Even if the user leaves at this stage, he will not be misunderstood as to why he was released. Therefore, in order to escape from coercion, workers must use better methods.

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