What are the emotional consequences of bullying?

Emotional consequences of bullying

Part One:
Please introduce one theorist from the list below (that you have not focused on
before) and describe what major components he or she has offered to those
attempting to understand the development of children and/or families? Please
critique the theory. For example, please discuss the strengths and limitations of the
individual’s theory and state who or what event influenced the author’s work. Please
highlight if the individual’s work has concentrated on a specific population or group
(e.g. grieving children). The response should be at least two pages (double-spaced,
12 pitch, Times New Roman). One reference page should accompany your work in
APA format.

• Albert Bandura

• Carl Rogers

• David Liu

• Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

• Erik Erikson

• Harriette Pipes McAdoo

• Jean Piaget

• Lawrence Kohlberg

• Lev Vygotsky

• Linda Espinosa

• Maria Montessori

• Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart

• Martin Seligman

• Robert Coles

• Robert Hill

• Sigmund Freud

• Terry Cross

• Urie Bronfenbrenner


Part Two:
Please answer one questions from the list below. The response should be at least
two pages (double-spaced, 12 pitch, Times New Roman). One reference page should
accompany your work in APA format.
Name ____________________ Date __________________
Parenting Today
Spring 2018 Quiz II


1. What are the emotional consequences of bullying?

2. Why is bullying a public health issue?

3. Please identify and describe a bullying prevention effort in your area? Please
include the point of contact person’s name and e-mail address.

4. What is meant by underage drinking? What resources would you offer to a
parent whose son or daughter is planning to attend a college where underage
drinking is a major problem?

5. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) what types of
money management conversations should a parent of a middle schooler
consider having? Please identify and describe at least (3) topical areas.

6. What laws can support a youth with disabilities who need a reasonable
accommodation to attend and succeed in college? How can parents help ensure
that a son or daughter with a documented disability receives appropriate
educational accommodations (e.g., extra test taking time).


Helpful Web Sites:
(Please identify other resources as well)


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