How To Increase Policy Empathy? Cops See It Differently

Cops See It Differently

Listen to an episode of This American Life. The episode is entitled “Cops See It Differently, Part One” (Episode 547) and can be found here:

After listening to the episode, answer the following questions in an essay (be sure to use specific examples from the episode as well as lecture and the text)

Questions for the essay are……………………………


1- Are the police disconnected from the way society sees behavior?

2- Do police have a lack of empathy for the people they are agreeing to serve and protect?

3- List and describe FIVE ways you believe a police department can help to eliminate the disconnect as well as increase empathy.

– This list should be from your own original thoughts.

–  Be sure not only to list five ways but also describe how these suggestions will either decrease the disconnect or increase the empathy. 

“””””””The paper should be between a minimum of 800 words (1.5 – 2 single spaced pages), and Remember to cite any work that is not directly your own original thought and for the list of five ways.””””

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