the impact of 3-D printing on the international supply chain.

3-D printing




  1. Introduction
  2. a)This paper will examine the impact of 3-D printing on the international supply chain.
  3. i)The topic is important in examining 3-D printing as a source of significant value chains that originate from the international supply chain.
  4. ii)The question of whether 3-D printing is feasible is answered with a focus on the manufacturing sector, which is integral to the international supply chain network.
  5. b)Statement of the Problem: Notes the problems associated with traditional supply chains in the international market.3-D printing technology is the solution to the highlighted issues of research and implementation.
  6. c)Definition of Terms: The terms defined in the study are:
  7. i)3-D printing
  8. ii)Additive manufacturing

iii)                Global logistics industry

  1. iv)Construction ideals
  2. d)Claim Statement
  3. Significance of the Study: Literature concerning the impact of 3-D printing on the international supply chain tends to be concerned more with the reflow in the manufacturing sector and supply chain transformations.
  4. Thesis: 3-D printing technology, also called additive manufacturing, has the potential to improve international supply chain through such changes as dematerializing it, creating a customized just-in-time manufacturing cycle, reducing the setup and changeover time and cost, and the number of assembles.
  5. Background of the Research: The motivation behind this research paper is that 3-D printing, as an emerging technology, has the potential to create substantial economies of scale that benefit the producer and make companies more profitable.
  6. Discussion
  7. a)Customization
  8. b)Reduced product development costs
  9. c)Making best custom parts
  10. d)Model construction
  11. e)The change on material loss
  12. f)Change of the processing site
  13. g)Change of the 3-D printing site in the supply chain


  1. Conclusion


Write a paragraph describing the challenges experienced while creating the outline for the paper.

What challenges did you experience gathering research?

The difficulty I had was finding enough data to complete my thoughts. The other problem is finding information to complete the 8 to 10 page requirement. Thankfully, the topics given to us are mainstream topics in today’s environment which gives us plenty of information to pick from. The last issue that that with so much information how to pick the more credible data. For my paper I chose to use less information from blog and use data from more credible resources.


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