Queuing analysis

Queuing analysis

1. You are learning to use Queuing analysis to determine various  situations and possible solutions to the waiting line of trucks at the  dock at EBBD.

As you write your report to Wilco to present your results, consider other applications for queuing analysis.

In this TD, explore the various ways that queuing analysis can be  used in Logistics to obtain optimal results, not only at EBBD, but at  any company.

2.  In your readings on system dynamics, you have seen that in a system,  different entities flow into and accumulate in stocks and then flow out,  sometimes into another stock. This is similar to items in a queue or  waiting line. But there are some aspects that are different from queues  when comparing to system dynamics. For example, water cannot be analyzed  using queuing theory, since you would have to track each molecule as  you would track a person in a waiting line. Identify how queues are  different than items flowing into and out of stocks as characterized by  system dynamics.

Provide two specific examples of items flowing through a general  system of stocks and two specific examples of items flowing into and out  of a queue or waiting line. Discuss these examples, how they are  similar and different.

3.  As you complete this reflect back and answer these questions:

  1. What two concepts do you think are the most relevant to the field of logistics and why?
  2. Which one or two concepts do you think are the least relevant to the field of logistics and why?
  3. Which concepts did you find particularly difficult to learn and why?

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