Select a disorder/ disability from chapters 1-13 in Parritz and Troy (2014) which interests you or with which you feel called to work.

Parritz and Troy

Case Study Paper Instructions

Select a disorder/ disability from chapters 1-13 in Parritz and Troy (2014) which interests you or with which you feel called to work. You will provide an overview of the disorder/ disability by using the textbook and peer-reviewed scholarly journals to address the following areas in relation to the disorder/ disability: etiology, prevalence, characteristics, and prognosis. Next, you will create a case study of a hypothetical child using what you have learned about the disability/disorder in researching for your overview section. Describe the child and family characteristics (including risk and protective factors) and include the primary concerns to be addressed, justifying your choices with research. You can use the case studies in the textbook for inspiration but you may not copy them. Finally, address the hypothetical child’s primary concerns using evidence based interventions, justifying your interventions with research.

Include a title page, an abstract page, at least 7 to 8 full pages in the body of the paper, and a reference page. This assignment must be in current APA format and must use a minimum of 10 current (2012–present), peer-reviewed/scholarly journal articles, the textbook (Parritz & Troy, 2014) and the Bible. Sources on the reference page must match the sources cited in the text of the paper.  No direct quotes are allowed. Completion of the assignment will improve research and communication skills while increasing your knowledge of a disorder/ disability of special interest.

The following is a sample outline that can be used for this paper. Please use the appropriate APA headings and subheadings throughout your paper.:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
    • Introduction
  • Overview of Disorder/ Disability ( at least 3 pages)
  • Etiology
  • Prevalence
  • Characteristics
  • Prognosis
    • Child Background (at least 2 pages)
  • Child
  • Family
  • Primary Concerns
  • Intervention Approch (at least 2 pages)
  • Evidence Based Interventions for Primamry Concerns
  • Future Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • Reference Page

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7.

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