Title: Diversity and Equity.

Diversity and Equity

Create a mini-portfolio on Diversity and Equity. Choose 2-4 artifacts that provide evidence of these capacities. If you wish to add more artifacts to your portfolio for this purpose, go ahead.

Write a 300-500 word framing essay that introduces the reader to the artifacts and explains their significance (and your choices). You should be as specific as possible in explaining to readers how the artifacts you selected contribute to your ability to understand, question, and interact with questions of diversity and equity. You may find it useful to think about courses, assignments or experiences where a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds enhanced the final outcome, or of experiences that challenged you to empathize or communicate in a new way with someone that has different life experience than your own.

As you complete this assignment, please refer to the IAS descriptions of this learning objective, and draw on your revision of those descriptions along with other materials and readings.

—————————————————– This is my google site: https://sites.google.com/a/uw.edu/ias-portfolio—cla—li-shuxian/mini-portfolios/critical-and-creative-thinking Please look at this example and create a Diversity and Equity one.
This is the site of the artifacts that could be choose: https://sites.google.com/a/uw.edu/ias-portfolio—cla—li-shuxian/annotated-bibliography
Please connect to the learning objective here: https://www.uwb.edu/globalstudies/portfolio/learningobjective

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