Civilization versus Barbarism

Civilization versus Barbarism

In the selection entitled “Civilization versus Barbarism” in your reader, Domingo Sarmiento identified what he saw as the biggest problems facing his home country of Argentina in the 1840s.  In so doing, he intimated potential solutions.

Directions:  In a concise and grammatically sound essay of approximately 1000 words, address the following question.

If Domingo Sarmiento had lived to see the Argentine society that Georges Clemenceau described in the selection entitled, “A Paen to Progress,” (140-143)would he have felt satisfaction or dismay?  Why?

Keep in mind that there is valuable information in your textbook that can help provide even greater context for your response.

Be sure to attribute any and all data, arguments, and quoted passages to the correct author/source with proper citations, e.g. (Author Last Name, page #).

Use the following convention to label your essay: Last name, First name—HIST 242-1


• C, C & G , A New History of Modern Latin America, 3rd Edition

•Wood, ed., Problems in Modern Latin American History: Sources & Interpretations, 4th ed.

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