MLK vs Charles Manson

MLK vs Charles Manson

The image that was chosen to be discussed is “MLK vs Charles Manson.” This image is very compelling especially because of the controversial subject that is being brought up again, racism. Looking at the image racism is what comes to my mind. The Black Lives Matter movement was created for what the title of the image states that “the man on the left is 75 times more likely to be stopped by the police while driving than the man on the right.” Living in today’s society police brutality, racism, and the inconsequential actions taken by the U.S. government. The image is an oxymoron in itself. On the left you have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an activist that wanted people from different cultures, races, and religions to come together to peacefully protest against the inhumane way people of color were being treated and neglected. On the right you have Charles Manson, a notorious criminal who created the murder family known as the “Manson Family.” While Charles Manson is a criminal and Martin Luther King Jr. is an activist who changed history for all people of color. The image is expressing to the audience that because of one’s skin, a police man will more likely stop a person of color than a white person due to racial profiling. Because of the negative connotation people of color have, they have a higher chance of getting stopped than white person. In the picture in states, “For example, in Florida 80% of those stopped and searched were black and Hispanic, while they constituted only 5% of drivers.” This statistic given in the image is just in one state, what is the national average? This image shows that racism is not yet extinct; that is still very much alive and needs to be dealt with.

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