It’s often-said peer learning is the best learning

It’s often-said peer learning is the best learning

It’s often-said peer learning is the best learning. This school has captured that concept and run with it. They allow the children the freedom to express their cultural competence and the ability to do so with others all while learning. With a wide variety of programs, the children get to engage in a host of projects and class assignments where they get to pair off in groups and work together independently. Its my personal opinion that by doing this they build their confidence, self-wealth, awareness of their cultural competence as well as that of those around them and enhances their learning experience, as well as spark their creativity. Each major has its own advisory committee made up of students, parents, and other professionals, It also enhances their independence by allowing students to choose between a wide variety of vocational courses. To me this is great for if you choose it it’s because you’re interested in it. Which means you will probably stick with it and do well with it. I addition to all this wonderfulness they also keep their ears to the streets to assure they are keeping up with what students need to succeed in the modern world.

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