Women Should

The Discussion Board: Women Should

The chosen picture that will be analyzed in this discussion board is the “Women Should”. In this context, the picture portrays a situation on what a woman is expected to do in a patriarchal society, where their male counterparts dominate.

From the picture the, mouth of the woman in the portrait has been cello taped, indicating that women are not allowed to say anything, anywhere and to anybody. This illustrates that the society has subjected women to something like a prison, where their opinions or the right to share their ideas on the management of their affairs is not welcome. They are meant to take orders from others, their male counterparts. The words in the cello-tape are a composition of what the society expects from women. They show the prescribed position or roles in the society, which are determined by their male counterparts.

In the general coloring of the picture, behind the woman shows some darkness. This tends to point to the fact that it has never been easy in the liberation struggle of women, and it also shows the challenges post by what the society expects of women. However, at the front view, there is bright lighting pointing to hope at the end of the entire struggle.

From the front view, the position of the eyes of the woman in the picture shows that the women are focused on a given goal. There is no moving or sliding backward in the liberation efforts. In this liberation struggle, the first point of focus is securing for women the right to make their own decisions. Once they shall be having the personal decision making power or right, every other element of liberation shall fall into place. Also in the picture, their some sense of general concern for the welfare and right of women, from the society itself as, especially from women themselves, as shown by the presence of the UN Women logo, as one of the contents in the portrait, which will make the trivial compelling of the women to live by societal expectations inconsequential.

Reply One: In Relation to the Movie

As it is observable from the movie In Reverse, in the desire to bring into context of the contemporary world, the detectable and undetectable effects of war, it can be conclusively be said that war has adverse effects on the life of human beings (Gleick, 2014). The most affected being the children, due to their vulnerable nature (Garbarino, 2001). The adults, who find themselves as victims of war, as the targeted also, suffer a lot. To stop the war in the world collective responsibility must be initiated, from across the spectrum of the world leadership (Thakur, 2016). This will only be possible if the leadership and the people express political will and put the interest of the people at heart.

Reply Two: In Relation to the Picture

The society has been considered to be biased on the side of women due to huge regulation and restriction or limitation of women’s rights. The society prescribes roles for women, making them feel unhonored (Rosaldo et al, 1974). However, it is important to understand the real intention of restricting or limiting the rights of women, going by the definitions of role and expectations as put by the society on women. These roles superficiallyconnect to the biblical demands on women, how they should relate to their male counterparts (Rosaldo et al, 1974). This was meant to enhance respect, among men and women through the division and definition of roles. However, with the acquired sense of alienable rights women continue to demand a share out of the roles otherwise would be categorized as men’s (Rosaldo et al, 1974).

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