Develop ERD and the relational schema


  1. Develop ERD and the relational schema
  2. Define entities and relationships. Provide the business rules of the ERD.
  3. Include the final ERD.
  4. Convert the ERD to a relational schema. Normalize all tables to third normal form.
  5. Include the relational schema. (This is not DDL.)

Database Plan

For: Hampton Roads Helping Hands

Executive Summary

Hampton Roads Helping Hands is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to people and families who need basic assistance to survive. We provide employment, food, housing, and utilities support to those in need.

Our organization has grown over the last 25 years from a staff of 3 people and 20 volunteers to a staff of 10 people and 100 volunteers. Our contributions have grown from $100,000 from 40 contributors in our first year to an estimated $2,000,000 from 400 contributors per year. Our organization is currently working from two locations; one location is located in Newport News, VA and the other is located in Virginia Beach, VA both are within the Hampton Roads area.

The problem is that we do not currently have a proper distributed database that can handle of the information and data transactions that comes through our offices on a daily basis. We need to start with a way to track contact information for staff members, volunteers, contributors, and donations so that those resources can be managed and utilized to the maximum effect.

Data will be distributed across the two locations with the master database located in Newport News while the slave database will be distributed from the location in Virginia Beach.

Data Collection

Data information that needs to be collected includes information about:

  • Staff contact information
  • Volunteer contact information
  • Contributor contact information
  • Donation information
  • Monthly Expenses


The new Helping Hands distributed database should be up and running no later than April 15, 2018.

TaskDue Date
Project Work Plan2/11/18
Logical Model (ERD) and Relational Schema2/18/18
Data Distribution Plan2/25/18
Distribution Plan Implementation3/4/18
Create DDL and Populate the Tables3/18/18
Views and Queries3/25/18
Query Metrics4/1/18
Final Report and Final Versions of Scripts4/15/18



Software Requirements

We will be using the following software to complete our goal of having an efficient and accurate distributed database:

Office productivity:

  • Microsoft Office 365 that includes
    • Microsoft Word 2016
    • Microsoft Excel 2016
    • PowerPoint 2016
    • Outlook 2016

Oracle SQL:

  • Oracle SQL Developer Version 17.3
  • Oracle SQL Developer Date Modeler Version 17.3

Hardware Requirements

Each location will have at a minimum the following hardware component requirements:

RequirementValue (Minimum)
Physical Memory (RAM)8 GB
Virtual MemoryDouble the amount of physical memory (RAM)
Disk Space1 TB
ProcessorIntel i3 quad core
SVGA Video Monitor with HDMI input16 million colors


Database Management

Steve Ballard and Maria Cavenaghi will manage the master database at the Newport News office, while Gary Chaffin and Lionel Bird will manage the slave database at the Virginia Beach office. At both locations the local team will communicate with each other as to what and when the database is to be modified. Also, the same information will be passed along to the other location at least until the database is fully functional and more normal methods of communication and database work protocols are put into place.



Outside of the four main database managers currently involved with the project, anyone else will have limited access to the database. There will be passwords protection for the different levels of access. Until the database is fully functional only the 4 database managers will have any access. After the database is fully functional the different levels of access will be:


  • Basic user – can view nonconfidential information and use program to enter information
  • Executive user – basic user rights plus access to confidential information but cannot modify database DDL
  • Database Administrator – full access rights

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