Explain the tension between philosophy and the city.

Topic: philosophy and the city

  1. Explain the tension between philosophy and the city. Using textual evidence from the Apology, explain why you think Socrates criticizes the jury.


  1. Read the dialogues: The Apology, The Euthyphro, and The Great Conversation (chapters 4-6). Question should presuppose an understanding of Plato’s Theory of the Forms, The Allegory of the Cave, and the tripartite soul.  Be sure to connect your answer to Socrates’ assumptions concerning the Forms, knowledge and opinion, prejudices, and the appetitive soul (the desires of reason vs. the desires of the body).  We see differences between both Socrates and Meletus and Socrates and Euthyphro; in your papers, you need to explain to the reader what you think Plato is trying to tell us about knowledge and opinion as his teacher, Socrates, argues with his interlocutor in whichever dialogue you choose.
  2. Book is “ The great conversation” writer Norman Melchert.
  3. Should be 1300 words
  4. Please use footnotes for your quotes from academic sources and do not quote internet websites.
  5. Free from plagiarism

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