Gender Pay Gap: Why or why not is there a gender pay gap in modern society, and what should be done to address it?

Gender Pay Gap

For the Descriptive and Evaluative Writing Assignments you submitted in Unit 2 and 4,
you selected one of the topics below and described your personal experience with it.
Then, you evaluated an advertisement dealing with one of these topics. Now, you will
create an outline for your Argumentative Writing Assignment.


The outline must include your plan for answering the research question associated with
the topic you select below:


1. Social Media and Communication
• How has social media affected society’s communication skills in a positive
OR negative manner?


2. Gender Pay Gap
• Why or why not is there a gender pay gap in modern society, and what
should be done to address it?


3. Arts Funding
• How necessary is arts funding in the American education system?


This assignment is designed to demonstrate your plan for your Argumentative Writing
Assignment. Your outline should include:


Thesis Question and Answer

Begin with the question you selected above. Then, answer the question with a working
thesis statement that features the specific topics of your outline.


Outline of Supporting Paragraphs

Please do not include full paragraphs here. Rather, outline the body paragraphs. In your
outline, include at least two points that support your thesis statement as well as one
point that will address the counterargument (the other side of your argument).


In the outline, include the names of the three scholarly and academic articles that you
will be using in your essay and indicate where they will appear in your supporting
paragraphs. You should also include a reference page with an entry for each article.
Utilize the library resources to find sources for your essay.

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