Issues/Challenges Facing Health Care Supervisors

Issues/Challenges Facing Health Care Supervisors

A five-page paper (five pages of text) paper on issues/challenges facing health care supervisors is to be completed identifying the biggest challenges faced by supervisors. Challenges need to relate to the 12 essential skills identified in the text. Which is (skill 1 Galvanizing Commitment and Motivation,  skill 2 Maximizing Team Performance, skill 3 Delegating to Maximize Performance , skill 4 Communicating Effectively and Strategically, skill 5 Negotiating and Managing with Conflict and Difficult Employees, skill 6 Coaching for Maximum Performance and Development , skill 7 counseling and Interviewing for Maximum Performance and Development , Skill 8 Thinking and Deciding Strategically ,Skill 9 Mastering the Budgeting Process, Skill 10 Mastering and Monitoring Financial and Human Resources , Skill 11 Evaluating organizational and Personal Resources and “Fit” ,skill 12 Managing stress and Time Effectively).

The paper is to be in 6th edition APA format and have a minimum of 5 references. Wikipedia may not be used as a reference. A writing assessment rubric will be used when assessing your paper. required in the paper is: a title page, table of contents, abstract, 5 pages of text with references cited throughout the document, headings to lead the reader, a conclusion at the end of the text and a reference sheet. These references should be 2011 to present.

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