A Letter to Single Mothers

A Letter to Single Mothers

For this assignment, please present an original, complex argument, on a subject of your interests or concern, in the form of an open letter. You may either choose to address celebrities or famous, established personalities, or people who are directly related to your daily lives (family members, teachers/professors, school officials, friends, etc.), but please also keep in mind the existence of a larger implicit audience.
Please let me know your subject, explicit audience and implicit audience once you have them, no later than Feb.14(Wednesday) by the end of the day.
Length: 5-6 full pages (double-spaced, one-inch margins, Times New Roman 12, in PDF or Word)
The Bare Bones – Your Essay Should Meet the Following Requirements:
1, it should be epistolary – written to an explicit audience and titled “Letter to (your explicit audience)”
2, it should establish an original, complex argument about a relevant issue or concern (a clear thesis)
3, it should simultaneously address a broader (more implicit) audience, who may have different points of view either to you or to your explicit audience
4, it should engage effectively with counterarguments
5, it should provide information about the issue as well as a call for action or argument for the usefulness of a movement, idea, or position (So what? Why do you think your argument worth being made – apart from fulfilling a formal essay assignment?)
6, it should be in appropriate voice, tone, and style
*<link is hidden> to adequately proofread your essay in the end, reduce the amount of unnecessary grammatical, mechanical and technical errors
think of your readers as hyper-critical people who do not easily buy your argument, do you best to convince those readers that you have a point that we could agree with in your way of writing.

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