Protection device from nuclear radiation

Protection device from nuclear radiation.  

Protection device from nuclear radiation

The idea of ​​the project is to invent and manufacture a device used in a nuclear power plant. What is required is to write about the parts of this device:

  • First, this device detects the human through the use of a sensor and the function of this part of the device is to detect the human at a distance of 10 meters from all sides and directions.
  • Second, it also detects nuclear radiation (alpha, beta and gamma) by using a special sensor that has been used to detect these rays.
  • Third, through the collection of the first section, which includes the detection of human as well as the second section, which reveals the nuclear radiation and consists of the device
  • The method of operation of the device will be by detecting the presence of any nuclear radiation or any person coming to this plant or the target area will trigger a warning at the power plant.

So you should here write full page about this device as mentioned from the above points and how this device will operate and what are the most important advantages of this device and how it will serve positively in the power plant.


Note: References must be as internet link.

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Protection device from nuclear radiation