Seeking global success is not a new concept to Fortune 500 companies

Fortune 500 companies

Read the required case studies in the module reading and resources. They are great examples that include a list of variables (though not exhaustive) that a financial analyst can use to inform decision making as it relates to the fruitfulness of taking on (or forgoing) a potential investment.


Seeking global success is not a new concept to Fortune 500 companies and fuels the argument that all company activities should serve to maximize the wealth of its shareholders. Penetrating new markets is a path to potentially large-scaled opportunities and increased return on investment (ROI). Evaluating the feasibility of securing a global presence or expanding locally (shoring up your domestic presence) is the key capital investment trade-off decision facing the organization. As the chief financial officer (CFO), determine the critical elements that will influence your decision using actual company data as guided by the factors outlined within the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric.
Acquiring the competition is often an option to penetrate untapped markets, increase market share, and realize elevated stock performance. As the CFO, you have identified a clear opportunity to become the dominant leader in retail pharmaceutical sales through the acquisition of your principal competitor. The key capital investment trade-off decision facing the organization is whether your organization should acquire the competitor or expand by building new stores throughout the continental United States. What factors will influence your decision?
Please share what variables/factors that you find most important or relevant to informing the decisions facing management within the above case studies. The purpose of engaging with the case studies is to expose you to the perspective and mind-set you will need to embody throughout the course to perform successfully in your final project.

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