Visiting a Religious Worship Service

Religious Worship Service

Choose a world religion (*not Christianity!) and arrange for a visit to attend their local worship service.
Write the 5-7 page paper with the following sections:
A. Attach a printed Worship Sheet/Handout/Bulletin to the paper (scanned)
B. Interview the Religious Leader – either in person or by email. The following questions must be answered by the religious leader:
1. Absolute – who is God/or gods?
2. World – is it good or bad by nature?
3. Humans – are they good or bad by nature?
4. The problem for humans in the world
5. The solution for humans in the world
6. Belief in life after death – what happens to body and soul of humans?
Write the paper with the results of this interview, using the six questions as section headings, and the answers by the spiritual leader as the text.
C. Write
What did you see? Is there a sacred text? Were there rituals or symbols used in the service? Was the experience different than what you expected, and why? Etc.

5-7 page paper –

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