BMW company

BMW company

The team project explores the connections between macroeconomic conditions and business performance. These connections are expected to differ by company and industry. They can also vary over time. Finally the project should recognize/show that business performance is also connected to other conditions and drivers. Incorporating a range of performance drivers avoids overstating the importance of macroeconomic conditions.
The following are requirements for the project content and deliverables: The paper should include answers to all of the questions and more, the power point just show the highlights only, and the presentation should focus on what the team discovered and why it is important.

1. What multinational company is being assessed and what does it do? Include key information on its revenue model, its brand name and ethics/values.
2. What business performance measure was selected for analysis?
3. What variables do past studies indicate explain movements in this measure? Be sure to discuss how at least one macroeconomic variable affects the performance measure?
4. What period of business performance was analyzed and what data and statistical analyses were done to determine what drives business performance?
5. Present and explain the statistical relationship (equation) estimated for business performance? What do changes in each right hand variable in the equation including at least one macro measures mean (contribute to) movements in the business performance measure?
6. What findings or results did the team discover about the performance of the business?
7. What conclusions can be drawn from the project that you would want to share with the business?
8. What did the team learn from this project?

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