Concepts and theories of International Development and Management for analysis.

Concepts and theories of International Development and Management

Literature Review: Students will compile a list of the current literature (books and journal articles) in this field and review this literature in a 10-15 page paper, using not less than 20 academic journal articles, textbooks and other materials. The review should have as its point of origin the dynamics of modern-day globalization and its manifestation, effects, and impact in NON_WESTREN countries. The review must have at least seven sections, two of which must be an introduction section and a conclusion section. A paper section is a set of paragraphs, not a paragraph. The Literature Review must be submitted in the Literature Review (Midterm Exam) – Project 3 folder under the Assignments tab on CANVAS by 8:30 pm the deadline date in the weekly course schedule.

Grading Criteria for Literature Review

Introduction – Provision of context for the literature review, with a clear argument statement.
Paragraphing – Development of appropriate paragraphs, each of which must have a topic sentence with a topic and a controlling idea, at least 4 supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence (the concluding sentence could be a restating sentence, a summarizing sentence, a predictive sentence, an opinion sentence, or a suggestive sentence).
Analysis – A sufficient number of concepts and theories of International Development and Management for analysis.
Coherence – Consistency and logical connection in the development of ideas, arguments, and discussion.
Synthesis – Proper selection of points of comparison and/or departure among the scholarly sources, and clear explanation of theoretical and applied relationships among the scholarly sources that support your claims.
Conciseness – Use of sufficient space to discuss exactly what is intended.
Drafting – Evidence of thoughtful drafting and revision before submission of the final copy.
Grammar – Use of proper sentence structure, syntax, punctuation, and spelling. To be able to meet the Grammar criterion, get and read a copy of the 2011 edition of The Writer’s Digest Grammar Desk Reference by Gary Lutz, Katia Brillié Lutz, Diane Stevenson.
Organization – Clear statement of the main points in a logical sequence.
References – Use of pertinent and timely references based on the APA format

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