What’s the victimology?

One common question asked in the crime drama shows and documentaries is, “What’s the victimology?”

In other words, a lead detective or prosecutor is asking the cops and investigators to summarize who is the victim, what happened, and how did the victim become the victim. Was there a past between the victim and the killer? How did the two know each other and come to be in this unfortunate situation?

This week’s chapter on Murder presented a very broad range of cases and the motives and theories behind these crimes could be equally as diverse. Select your two favorite cases and Answer the question, “What’s the victimology?”

In concise essay narrative provide a summary of two individual victims from two different stories from the chapter reading. In your summary, explain who the victim was, what occurred, when and where did the killing occur, and what was the relationship of the victim to the killer. Explain as best as you can how they first met or came into contact and how the victim was contacted by the killer in the final moments of life. (?Lured. Tricked. Ambushed. Etc…. don’t limit yourself to any of these explanations.)

Speculate on the motives for these killings. Explain your answer in another paragraph. Also attempt to give a theoretical explanation that goes into the development of the motive. In other words, was this a robbery and is Strain Theory relevant? Is there a Mental Health theme from the Psychological Theories?, Etc. There is only a good explanation for theory, not necessarily a right answer.

Then in the conclusion of your essay, use two more cases from the Murder Chapter to compare and contrast the victimology cases that you wrote about. After writing about the two victims in the two cases, use two more cases to compare how certain aspects or evidence in the case are similar. In the contrast response, explain how these cases are unique or different or have nothing in common with your original 2 victimology narratives.

Upload your responses by Monday, Feb. 19, 2018 at 5:00PM for full credit. You should be able to complete this narrative in no more than 2-3 pages. Upload as a Word or PDF please. Please include your name in the heading. If you look up additional information on the case through online sources, please include those sources in the end with a “work cited” listing. Be concise but try to examine the cases with critical thought and the mind of a detective.

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