What did you find most interesting regarding the health issue each learner selected?

What did you find most interesting regarding the health issue each learner selected? one paragraph each post

Desiree post


Skeletal growth along with brain development, grow rapidly during early childhood. Although it can vary from culture to culture, the fact remains that there will be undeniably a growth spurt in physical and mental development. Skeletal growth is what is the most obvious during development. We notice the physical changes of children getting taller, thinner, baby teeth falling out and even facial maturity. Brain development is noticeable over a period of time. Memory, language, attention, and coordination can all be indicators of mental development.

Asthma is said to be the most chronic disease in child development. It is defined as “a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and produce extra mucus. This can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath” (Clinic, 2016). Factors that have a major influence on asthma are pre and post birth smoking environments. Another factor that grossly effects asthma is air pollution. “Air pollutions exposure before 2-3 years of age appear most important for asthma development” (Nina Clark, 2010). Although there is no cure for asthma, nebulizers and inhalers are used to keep it under control. This health issue is so important to me because my husband suffers from severe asthma, and I worry that it will be passed down to our young daughters.

LaRoya post


During the preschool age, children learn how to regulator their physical development and movement patterns through physical activities & play. Gross motor skills are essential for running jumping and throwing throwing. Gross motor skills develop faster than fine motor development skills, which progress at a slower pace during this age range. Physical activities that develop and nurture preschoolers’ coordination, fine motor skills and gross motor skills will benefit them to progress physically and it may also increase their interactions and performance times with one another. Educating children about having a healthy lifestyle and encouraging a positive body image is critically imperative at this age. The most vital way for parents to assist children in developing a lifestyle of healthy attitudes and behaviors towards food and exercise is to train, to demonstrate, and to encourage correct eating and activity patterns. It is also imperative to continue to deliver children with love and nurturing that builds string, positive self – images based on attributes other than appearance is important as well.
It is extremely important for child’s health development to be assessed and observed. This is the period in which young children reach their developmental milestones emotional, cognitive and motor skills. During this time young children are at risk of many health conditions, one that is extremely known is obesity. Childhood obesity raise the risk for cardiovascular disease and can affect every organ system in the body. For this reason it is imperative to detect this disease at an early stage to ensure that the needed treatment are given to maintain a healthy weight throughout life. There are very limited management programs therefore it is crucial to create a well balanced nutrition plan, emphasizes exercise are very critical. There is an increase recognition of rare monogenic variants causing severe early Kinsey obesity. Some genetic cause such as leptin deficiency or Prader-Willi Syndrome though rare, maybe amenable to treatment and inform to societal attitudes towards severe obesity.

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