Peffers Tuunanen Rothenberger and Chatterjee

Peffers Tuunanen Rothenberger and Chatterjee 20…

Discussion question # 3 —- Read this DS article carefully and address these
1. Describe briefly the methods the author(s) used to conduct this study.
2. Explain/describe the artifact that is the subject of this article.
3. Considering the Hevner et al. (2004) article (Table 2). What evaluation methods do
the authors use?
4. Based on the evaluation and methodology, what did the authors accomplish with this
research effort?
5. What is the significance of the study?
6. Do the authors present recommendations for future research and studies that build
on the topics addressed in this article? If not, what do you think might be other areas
for further research based on this article?
7. What other design approach do you think the authors could have taken?
8. Think about alignment of the problem, questions, and findings. How well do the
research results, as determined by the evaluation, support the problem and/or
research questions?
Peffers, K., Tuunanen, T., Rothenberger, M. A., & Chatterjee, S. (2007). A design
science research methodology for information systems research. Journal of
Management Information Systems, 24(3), 45-77.

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