Poverty in Britain? Class and Wealth Disparity in Households Across the UK


Research Report: Poverty in Britain? Class and Wealth Disparity in Households Across the UK.

WORD COUNT: 1500 words


Produce a full research report outlining your interpretation of the data presented below.


In your report consider the following:


  • Relationship between class and geographical location.
  • The relationship between socio-demographic factors and life chances.
  • Class differences and relative poverty in Britain.


Reading list:


Mckenzie, L., 2015, Getting by: estates, class and culture in austerity Britain, Bristol: Policy Press


Savage, M. et al., 2013, ‘A New Model of Social Class? Findings from the BBC’s Great British Class Survey Experiment’, Sociology, 47(2), pp. 219-250

Rustin, S., 2017, Household income plays crucial role in determining a child’s prospects, The Guardian, [online], Available at: <https://www.theguardian.com/inequality/2017/jul/12/household-income-crucial-role-children-life-prospects-lse-report> [Accessed 21 November 2017]



The BBC conducted a nation-wide survey on social class in the UK in January, 2011. The number of respondents were 1,026. The following information is a modified version of the data presented and refers to two particular classes identified through the survey: the elite and the traditional working class.


  1. Socio-demographic information


Elites               Working Class

% female                              50                               62

% ethnic minority               4                                 9

% graduates                      56                               11


  1. Geographical location


See images on pages 5-6 for the geographic concentration of elites and working classes in the UK.


  1. Income and budget 
  1. Qualitative data, in the form of an extract from a related sociological study on Income, Ethnicity and Location.


Alison Brown: You mentioned before about how you had to move to Barking to find work.


Mustafa Hamad: Yes, I was living in Richmond when I first arrived in Britain from Pakistan but it was nearly impossible for me to find work there. Back in my country I worked in the car industry, but opportunities to work in this industry were very limited around Richmond. I think I never saw a factory in the area. So for the first few months I took part-time jobs in various off-licence shops or supermarkets but it was impossible for my family to survive based only on that income. Things were so expensive and the only type of work I could do was in off-licence stores or supermarkets. The service sector was the most important in Richmond; there were lots of estate agencies, restaurants, cafes, and other types of things but little to no manual work. My only option was to move – commuting from Richmond was difficult and housing really expensive in the area. Over time it became clear we had to move.


AB: And once in Barking, you found work in a car factory, is that right? What about your wife?


MH: Yes that’s right. I feel lucky but my experience from my country helped a lot. As for my wife, she did not work back home. We had an income that was enough for all the family to survive, both the two of us and our two children. But coming to Britain, we needed more money – things are really expensive here! Even after moving to Barking, my salary alone was not enough for rent, for food, and other basic needs, so Ananya had to work. But she knew nothing. She had not studied anything. So the only kind of work she was able to find was as a cleaner. When Nirushan, our eldest son, was sixteen years old, he also started to work. He wanted to study but earn a living too so he enrolled onto a mechanics course at a Further Education College and is now working as a mechanic with Direct Line, the car breakdown company, you know the one? Maybe Adah, my girl, will go to University. I do not want her to have the same kind of work that her mother is doing.


AB: You mentioned that in Richmond it was difficult for you to survive. What did you experience?


MH: It was horrible. It was like we were the only poor people in the area. Everyone dressed really well, going for their long walks in the park with their dogs. Meanwhile, my family and I were just about scraping through. The rent was 1600 pounds per month and I was making just about 1100. We were surviving only due to government benefits, but even then only just. There were times when we had enough to cover everything we needed, but not anything extra like a school trip or repairs for anything that broke-down in the house. And then one day, I said enough. We lived for 6 months in that area as poor people, before a friend in Barking helped us find suitable accommodation. Here the rent is a little cheaper and my income has also increased a little too, but it is my wife and Nirushan’s income that has helped a lot. We are in a much better place (plus there are many other Muslims families here too which helps us feel more like part of a community). Adah might even have the opportunity to go to University. This makes me very happy.

Learning outcomes assessed:

  1. Display an understanding of sociological concepts and a knowledge of sociological theory.


  1. Explain the uses of sociological theories in helping us understand society.


  1. Apply understanding of sociological concepts and a knowledge of sociological theory.


  1. Appreciate the significance of a range of issues which have an impact on the nature and development of a society.


  1. k) Display knowledge of research methods relevant to Sociology.


  1. l) Conduct investigations into specific sociological problems and reflect on


  1. Analyse and synthesise key concepts to demonstrate effective academic writing skills.


  1. Develop independent research skills and autonomy.





Submission Dates and Times
You must submit your work on Turnitin.

Hand in your Assessment Submission Form to the ISC post box situated outside the office.

Monday 19th March 2018 by 12:00pm (noon)


Penalties will be applied to any work submitted late.  No submissions may be made more than 24 hours after the deadline – work will not be accepted or marked.


Attention –Please note:

You must do all of the following:


  • Download and print Assessment Submission Form which must be submitted as a print copy to the ISC post box. This form is available on Moodle and at the back of the Sociology Module handbook.


  • On the front sheet write the exact title of the report. Also on this front sheet, include your candidate number and a word count (the word count should not exceed 10% above or below the required number of words for this assignment).


  • Write your candidate number on the top right corner of each page of your report.


  • You must submit your report to Turnitin through Moodle. On successful submission to Turnitin, you will receive a receipt number which must be entered on the Assessment Submission Form which you will submit to the ISC post box.


  • Make sure all quotes, summaries and paraphrases are correctly referenced as explained in the RHI Harvard Referencing Guide. In addition, make sure a full alphabetical bibliography is included at the end of your report, detailing all texts cited in the body of the report and any others that have been consulted. The Bibliography must follow the format laid out in the RHI Harvard Referencing Guide.


  • Avoid using Wikipedia and some other commercial websites as sources because they may not be acceptable as evidence in your writing. If you have any doubts about what sources are viewed as non-academic, please check with your tutor.


  • Word process your work in Arial or Times Roman in size 12 font and use double-spacing.


  • Make it clear where paragraphs begin and end by leaving an extra space between paragraphs.


  • Ensure that your word processor uses UK spelling and adheres to UK grammar rules.


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