US Aircraft Carriers

Descriptive Essay – US Aircraft Carriers

Use the three-part thesis and  five-paragraph essay format you learned during week two. 

The thesis needs to be clear, and the paper in MLA format. 

Here is a thesis example for a “descriptive” essay, in which I will describe a decade: The 1960s was a greatly controversial decade due to its fashion, political unrest, and social norms.

You must incorporate research from the APUS library  into your essay. Use two or three sources—no more, no less. Remember  that your essay should be mostly your own writing (~80%) and  approximately 20% source material. This is short essay, so use short  quotes only. I suggest only a line or two of quoted material in each of  your body paragraphs. Don’t forget your Works Cited page. Extensive MLA help is provided under week four (Lessons and Resources).

Please  do not let anyone else write or revise your writing. My job is to help  you improve YOUR writing. I can only do that if you let me see your  mistakes. I am not interested in how well someone else writes. I want to  help YOU!

(Hint:  if you are struggling, there are tutoring opportunities listed on our  Syllabus. This is an appropriate route for acquiring help with your  writing. You may contact me for help anytime too!)

Download the template  and save it as your last name and Essay 3. (Example: Smith_Essay3). The  MLA formatting is done for you (e.g., Times New Roman size 12,  double-spaced, header, etc.). Update your name, your professor’s name,  and date. Don’t forget to put your last name in the header. (Let me know  if you don’t know how to get into the header section or type a question  into your Word help section.)

Your essay should be between 500 and 750 words. Please  do not go under the word count at all. Do not go over the word count by  more than 50 words. Following instructions is an important part of any  writing assignment, and often you will be asked to adhere to word count  guidelines, so this is good practice!

Be  sure that all paragraphs are well developed. I suggest 5-8 sentences  per paragraph and no less than 100 words per paragraph, including your  introduction and conclusion.

(Points saver:  as you proof your essay in Word, hit the control [ctrl] key and the “F”  key at the same time. This will bring up the search feature. Type in  what you wish to find, such as the word you, to be sure you have avoided second person. This works in finding contractions too. Type in an apostrophe and hit enter!)

When you “submit” your paper, it will be uploaded into Turnitin  (a plagiarism-detection website) automatically. You do not have to  create a Turnitin account yourself. Both you and your instructor will  receive the results. (The Turnitin report will be under Assignments and  will have a percentage on it, like 22%. Click on the percentage to view  your report. Certain parts of your essay will be highlighted. This shows  where you have used information from an outside source or material that  appears in another student’s essay.)

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