Biological factors related to aggression and violent behavior

Biological factors related to aggression and violent behavior

The next topic is biological factors related to aggression and violent behavior. There are a lot of biological factors! Trying to use biology to understand aggression and violence is complicated but fascinating. Read the section “Attack Behaviors” 11.2 (chapter 11 part 2). Next, watch this NOVA clip: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

1. Choose one biological factor of aggression and describe either

how that changes the way you see people who are aggressive or violence


a specific public policy (in health, law, etc) that you think should be affected by the knowledge of that factor

2. Then comment on a classmate’s post in depth adding to what they said, agreeing or disagreeing with them and explaining why, or explaining their answer in your own words to show that you understand it.

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