Importances of failure

Importances of failure

When I began to study at middle school,  I actively participated in various competitions such as mathematical competition, physical competition and chemistry competition, because I could always win some prizes. I had not participated in competitions anymore for the first year of my high school because the competitions of high school had become harder, I had a hard time studying and I could no longer win prizes. Why? Because I was afraid of failure. If I didn’t do that, I would not fail. Actually, I was wrong. “Failure is a necessary step in learning,” said by Jerry Large in the article “In a twist, a college lesson at UW on how to fail”. According to the article, several professionals at a recent event shared their stories on how they came back from failures. I have learnt the importances and advantages of failure from this article. There are three things that I learnt: failure can strip away what you do not need, failure can be a catalyst for growth and getting knowledge from failure will make you smarter and stronger. These things show how important failure is to our growth.

Failure can take away things that you do not need in life, failure can teach you what is important to you and what is not. When I was a child, my mother asked me to take lesson classes so that I can understand and practice the art. I had learnt dancing for a long time but I never got selected for a dance performance that was coming up. At the time I thought this was a big failure and I ended up being very disappointed. My teacher at the time told me that I was not flexible enough and I gave up on it and deciding to try my luck in art. As a result I am now very good in painting and therefore failure pushed me into painting. If I never failed in dancing maybe I would have ended up as a below average painter. Failure can stop you at the right time so that you can refocus on something else that you are more suited to do. Failure is therefore a beginning of success. I believe that there is no need to fear figuring since it guides us in our everyday lives.

Failure is also an integral part of personal growth. When one fails in a task, it sometimes forces one to work harder so as to get more skills and succeed. Failure therefore opens up more options for us and growth happens in several ways. Failure is also a way of making us get the much needed experience. Fear of failure can lead one to never trying out new things. When you try out something new, you learn and you can either fail or success. When one fails they are able to keep the knowledge that they gained and move on ahead. Failure is the world’s way of giving us grit. The greatest writers, CEOs, lawyers and other successful people all confess to failing at one time or the other in their lives.

Failure helps us to learn more about ourselves and get smarter and stronger. Failure exposes you to your areas of weaknesses as well as the strengths. One can only prosper if they know what they should cultivate on as well as what they should disregard from their goals. Personal awareness helps on to set up reasonable goals and work hard towards them using the methods that are known to work for them.

Failure is a part of our everyday lives and we should not be in fear of it because it comes with various benefits, both personal and professional. Failure gives us the chance to grow as people when we realize our strengths and weaknesses. Failure also aids us in growing stronger as well as getting smarter. One can establish goals and work towards them when they are self-aware. Failure is also essential in our lives because it shows us where we are good at and we can skip what does not work for us. I believe everyone should embrace failure and view it as a bridge to success. I want to embrace my own personal failures and work towards future personal and professional development.

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