Republicans divided on Trump’s expected DACA announcement

Trump’s expected DACA announcement

1. DeMarche, Edmund. “Republicans divided on Trump’s expected DACA announcement.” Web. 5 Sept. 2017.


2. President Trump decided to repel a program called Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrival also known as DACA. “Under DACA – which was created through executive action
by President Obama in 2012 – people who come to the U.S. illegally when they are
children are protected from deportation and granted work permits.” (DeMarche) The
main issue that concerns everyone is that those children, many of who are now young
adults, will be deported back to where they were born. But many of them only see
America as their home. President Trump has given Congress six months to find a
solution for the immigrants that were connected to DACA, roughly 800,000 immigrants.


3. The article is connected to the class concept of Separation of Power, the power that is
divided into three branches: executive branch, legislature branch, and the judicial
branch. The executive branch, also known as the President of the United States, is
ending a program that was created by executive order. The President has stated that
the legislative branch, Congress, must find a way to pass a federal law that reestablishes
the same concept as DACA. The judicial branch has a role in this too, although they are
not mentioned in the article. The judicial branch is responsible for checking that the
actions of the executive and legislative branches are constitutional.


4. The demographics of the U.S. will be affected if Congress does not find a solution to the
ending of DACA. According to the textbook, the Hispanic population is the second
Current Event Assignment 1
largest ethnic group in the U.S. By ending this program, 800,000 immigrants will be
deported back to the hometown where their parents were from. From their viewpoint,
they do not want to be separated from their families, jobs, and school. For many, the
U.S. is all that they have known. Another viewpoint might be immigrants who have
traveled to the U.S. through legal immigration. They might not see the need for a special
program for undocumented people.


5. In this article, I wish to challenge President Donald Trump in his decision of ending the
DACA program that former President Barack Obama created. Does our President know
what he is doing other than getting rid of people he dislikes? In the article, Roy Beck
stated, “It is time for President Trump to stop breaking one of the clearest campaign
promises he made.” (DeMarche) Because Donald Trump was determined to stop
immigration from terror-prone places, but did not say anything about immigrants that
has been more helpful than harmful to the United States.

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