Beating one’s Yesterday

Beating one’s Yesterday

Jake moved to a small village on the coast where people took their wellbeing very seriously. Thus, Jake joined the jogging bandwagon so as not to be left out. As a result, he ensured that he would go out for a jog along the beach and then head home on the tarmac road that extended a couple of blocks every morning. Jake became very competitive and every day he would look for other joggers and challenge them in the runway. He would feel elated when he passed them and went ahead to win the ‘race medal.’

It so happened that there was one jogger he was unable to pass for some weeks. He did not know who he was, but the thought of not being the better runner troubled him throughout his days. He began increasing his training regimen even while at the office. He would take the stairs and jog while at it. He would drink lots of water and fruits. He stopped going for lunch with his colleagues as he would spend this time training.

For five weeks, he started seeing the results of his obsession. He was gaining ground on his nemesis. He could run fast more than before. On the second day of the seventh week, Jake determined to ‘win the race’ that day as he ran with all his might and strength. Finally, he beat his foe. He was on top of the world. But when he turned to look at his rival, he just had a silly smile on his face and did not even notice Jake’s efforts.

No sooner had Jake passed his sixth blocks away he realized he had been too engrossed in a competition that he forgot his aim of jogging. Tired and exhausted, he had to flag down a cab. The only sustainable and practical competition is for one to strive to be better than they were the previous day.

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