Field Research on Video Games

Field Research on Video Games

Different opinions and theories have been expressed in pursuit of proving the impact of video games. The opinion writer and the theorists have centered their discussion on whether the video games have a positive effect or negative effect on the subject. Since the latter has extensively been discussed, it would be prudent to research on the progressive effect of the video games and their contribution to the life of the gamers. How do the video games assist the gamers mentally and socially? They focus on language development, social development, parental control, and cognitive skills. To establish this, I conducted a survey of fifty-one samples in order to obtain the data on various aspect of the Video game. Also, I interviewed two gamer respondents; Rasmus, 26, who was a part-time truck driver and an artiste and Turky, 20, a Saudi Arabian university student specializing in computer science (personal communication, October 20, 2015). In addition, I utilized observation technique during the survey to get the general impression from the respondents. Twenty-eight of the respondents said that it had improved their language, nineteen claimed that game has enhanced their social skills, and 22 claimed enhancement of mental skills.

What I Hoped For and/or Expected

Although the sufficient data was obtained to form a comprehensive solution, there was a challenge on in-depth of information regarding the second language and the parental control. In order to have a general view through observation, I wanted to be engaged fully with the respondents, who were all gamers in my case, to observe their facial expressions and gesture, which are essential in communication. Also, one-on-one engagement with the gamers would provide a wide range of first-hand data, which was necessary for forming the conclusion. This was achieved through a face-to-face interview with Turky. In line with what I expected, video games are a source of fun, source of knowledge and enhance socialization. This was evidence when Rasmus claimed that he derives a lot of fun with the console and that multiplayer game has enhanced his social network globally (personal communication, October 20, 2015). Also, Turky concurred with the same sentiments that Video games improves the well-being of a person, enhances decision-making, and improvement in The English language (personal communication, November 3, 2015). What I expected from these primary sources was the first-hand information from the gamers which would be reliable in answering my research question, that the video games has a positive impact, contrary to many class debaters who view negativity in them. Also, I hoped for the proof to back my results that video games have more effect on language and social development and mental skills.

What I got

What I really found was that most of the gamers had a positive view with respect to video games accruing to 60.78% in the survey. They claimed to derive many benefits from playing the game. One of the benefits I found was that video games really help in language development. For instance, Rasmus said that the video games he played while young aided him in improving his English even before he joined the English classes and currently they have assisted him in learning a new language (personal communication, October 20, 2015). Turky on another hand also claimed that the video games had a positive effect (personal communication, November 3, 2015). Since he is Saudi Arabian, video games had provided him with the chance to develop and improve his English at very early age. From his fluent English, it was observable that his English had improved and the ease with which he expressed himself. From the survey, it was clear that video games enhance language development since about 54% of the respondent claimed that they help in learning and improving English.

Another aspect that I also found was that video games contribute greatly to the development of social skills. From Rasmus interview, he said that multiplayer games have improved his social skills significantly through making new friends in different countries. Gaming has also created plenty of time with him and his friends hence improving his social life. From my insight, Rasmus looked joyous and contented with the video games because he could easily recall every bit of the game he had played, the friends from different countries he acquired and the resulting benefits from every game (personal communication, October 20, 2015). Moreover, Turky added that games have also enhanced his social skills and network through a multiplayer video game (personal communication, November 3, 2015). In the survey, it was also clear that social development is enhanced by 37.25% of the gamers responded that games provide a chance to meet new good friend locally and globally.

The other aspect I found was that Video games aid in the enhancement of mental skills. This was evident with Turky since the games helped in critical thinking during decision making and that they supplemented knowledge in terms of culture plus how various aspects of life worked (personal communication, November 3, 2015). In addition, they have helped him appreciate the diversity of life on the different part of the world and draw some similarity in terms of people’s hope and concerns. This observation was also backed by the survey where 43.14% of the respondents claimed that video games improved their mental skills in term of making a decision, solving a problem among others.

Some other aspect that I found from the survey was that parents are less concerned with the game rating when they buy for their children. This is because 76.47% agreed that they rarely check whether the game is designed for the children or mature. I also found that, many of the parents, 48.02, agree to the fact that lack of parental control leads to the bad effect of Video game to children.






Table 1: Specific responses on each question from 51 gamer on the impact of the video game

Positive ImpactNumber of  gamersPercentage of response
Improvement of the second language3854.18%
Social skill improvement (new friends)2437.25%
Enhancement of mental skill3143.14%


My Insight

The significance of the findings was that they will provide the basis for forming the conclusion that Video games have more positive effect than negative and therefore, the parent should use this tool to improve their children rationale in during various development phases in life. However, parental care is necessary to prevent the side effect of the video game such as addiction, lack of concentration in studies and among others.

In conclusion, all that I expected was achieved irrespective of in-depth of some data. Also, my research question was comprehensively answered through the use of the primary data from the interview, Survey, and observation. Moreover, it can evidently be summarized that video games play a vital role in the growth of a person from childhood to adulthood. This is through development in terms of language, social and cognitive skills. Also, guidance from the parent is pivotal in welfare of the children hence they ought to play a major role in protecting them