Fire Protection Eng Plan Review

Fire Protection Eng Plan Review

Gielle group are designers of wet chemical extinguishing systems for restaurants. They have a wealth of experience in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems. Gielle uses a potassium carbonate based solution in its firefighting systems. The solution uses its heat of vaporization for cooling when it is sprayed in a controlled area. The system discharges very deliberate small droplets, at a pressure of 12 bars for 45 seconds, of the solution to ensure that hot oil is not splashed and to avoid heat flares that might damage appliances and fixtures. When the solution comes into contact with oil, it creates a foamy layer that covers the hot oil effectively choking its supply of oxygen and ensuring it can cool down and preventing it from reigniting. The process through which the foam forms is called saponification; this is the same process that soap formation uses. Gielle can carry out installations with minimal disruptions to normal operations of the client’s facilities. The cleanup process after the system is discharged relatively easier than the case of dry systems. The system’s capacity is very flexible and can be customized depending on the client’s risk assessment and facility size. The system also has a dual control system with both automatic fire detection and a manual override system. The system’s most notable disadvantage lies in its high costs. Its installation and running costs can be significantly higher than those of its dry systems counterparts. This significantly raises the overheads of the client. The system is also significantly incapable of handling bigger fires; that burn longer than 45 seconds, or fires that spread away from the controlled area. The system might also require the installation of a backup system to deal with redundancies.

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