Going Abroad

Going Abroad


I knew the journey would be a memorable moment as the entire events unfolded. Getting admission from an international school was a great opportunity for me to advance my education in a foreign country. I was very excited for the new opportunity as it would have a great impact in my life. My parents have always been supportive all through my education, and they were so much willing to ensure that I get the best in life. Hence, getting a letter of admission to the institution of higher learning was a great deal for them, and they were excited as much as I was. Travelling to a foreign country and staying there for some time would be dreams come true for me. This would allow me to interact with people from different countries and learn different cultures, traditions as well as the political system.


I had visited the country’s embassy to get the travel documents that were required and a student visa that allows a stay for school period. This was quite a process and a challenging one for that matter because my parents entrusted me to do it all by myself. At the embassy, I had to line up as I waited for my time to be served. As I was in the waiting line, I happened to interact with a lady who was also trying to get papers to go overseas for further studies. As we talked, I realized that we were going to the same state but to different learning institution. However, our interaction was cut short as I was called to be served by the attendant at the embassy. However, we gave each other contacts and promised to connect with each other on social media. Little did I know that we will become best of friends thereafter.

Further, I had to go to my hospital for a medical check-up and for injections that were required for people traveling to different countries. This is one place I do not like visiting because I normally get disappointed when I see people in pain. When it was my turn to see my doctor, I entered his office. Luckily, for me, he was in the best mood for the day as we held a long conversation on how I was doing. He did a number of tests, and he assured me I will be okay in my new country and that I was lucky to have gotten the chance to further my education in a foreign country. My doctor knew that I was scared of injections, so he teased all me through but assured me that they were all less painful and how important they were to ensure that I did not contact any new infection in my country. My parents were supportive during all this process.

Consequently, when the day came, my parents and siblings helped me to pack the basics. I could not finally believe that I had finally grown up, and I was ready to explore my life in a different country. As I wished everyone goodbye, and I was ready to depart. Later, my parents dropped me at the airport to catch up with my flight. After the security check-ups and verification of my travel documents, I boarded the plane ready to have a new experience. The flight attendants were very friendly, and they offered some drinks and snacks as it was going to be a long journey. One of them by the name Mary Johnson came to me, helped me to fix up my belt, and ensured that I was comfortable during the journey.

However, one of my most memorable moments is when the plane was taking off from the land. I was so scared to the experience that my seatmate could not help but laugh at me. I even asked him whether there were ‘bumps’ even in the air. Everything seemed normal to him. After a long conversation with him, I came to learn that he is a businessperson who travels all over the world from time to time to manage his business. He really inspired me and told me that I should remain focused and stay true to what I believe in. further, he advised that I should not be swayed away by peer influence, as this would lead me astray. He added, “Respect and honesty are key virtues that can take you very far.” During the whole journey, I could not help it but wonder why he was so good and kind to me. Later, he even gave me his business card and told me to get back to him. The interesting part was that he even gave me a small bangle that was very beautiful which I really treasure up to date.

The same thing happened again when we are landing. I was still scared only this time we were landing. Luckily, when I alighted, a family friend was already waiting for me. After hugging and taking my luggage, we were ready to get home and stop for the day and a journey for that matter. Thus, that was how I landed in the land where I am studying and enjoying the culture, norms, and the way of life. Truly, it was quite a journey after all the experiences that I encountered on the way until I arrived at the final destination.

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