Issue of the Migrant Workers

Issue of the Migrant Workers

According to the latest statistics that were released by the government, approximately 8 percent of workers in the United Arab Emirates are foreigners. However, these workers continue to be paid a low wage and subjected to poor working conditions. For instance, domestic workers are the most victims especially after the adoption of the kafala system, which states that every employer is responsible for their workers visas and every detail (Human Rights Watch, 2015). This gives the employers ability to revoke their employees stay in those countries and treat them as they wish.

Female domestic workers are the most victims when it comes to these inconsiderate laws. Most employers physically abuse them as they confiscate their passports. Further, they do not have options to seek employment elsewhere as their initial employers have the final say. In most cases, they are paid low wages, work long hours and denied basic needs such as good shelter, food, security, and the best medical treatment. In some cases, some of these workers are victims of human trafficking and slavery (Human Rights Watch, 2015).

However, the ministry that is concerned with labor laws does not have regulations that can protect the domestic workers in this region or even fine the abusive employers. The federal National Council made some changes to lower the recruitment fees by most of these agencies. It also made some changes that were issued to the domestic workers working in the region. This is meant to protect the domestic workers against any form of abuse by the employers, better wages, and good working environments. Workers are entitled to get all this from their employers without abuse and harassment.




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