Letter to Republican, John Kasich, Regarding Health Care

Letter to Republican, John Kasich

Dear Sir,

I believe that the health of the citizens translates to the wealth of the nation. With this regard, there have been several concerns surrounding the health policy where some have partly been addressed while others remain a mystery. The issue ranges from the affordability of primary health care by all status groups in the US to the administration and management of healthcare systems themselves.

After the introduction and passage of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) by the Obama administration in 2010, expectations of many Americans were raised toward the lasting problem solution in the health sector (“Gaining ground,” 2014). The Act’s key objectives were to make basic health care accessible to all Americans citizen including old and disadvantaged, to enhance insurance coverage reforms, to encourage excellence, proficiency, and integrity of health care, to boost the health of the public and professional’s training and cater for the citizens with a long-term health problem.

In early 2012, implementation began that has led coverage of about 20 million citizens (“Gaining ground,” 2014). Also, improvement in the health care has begun with the adoption of the Act. Therefore, although the implementation will take a longer period, its impact has started to be felt in the health sector and citizens can access and afford the primary care. However, several challenges have faced this policy ranging from funding to implementation of the project. The Act has impacted negatively to the welfare of citizen due to increase in the tax burden. In addition, several concerns have been raised about the overall impact of the Act is worth the cost since a substantial number of taxpayers has been diverting to this policy.

The other issue is whether the federal or state government should oversee the care healthcare policy. This has been a looming concern since some states have agreed to build Obama-care exchange while others state has decided to collaborate with the government or to depend on the marketplace for the federal government. However, most of the state exchanges have failed while others have succeeded with the failed state relying on the federal exchange marketplace. The other concern is in the policies supported by both parties. Without regard to the reforms of health care, numerous insurers have been discriminated against due to an aspect of age, and this has resulted in the removal of long-term cover among the citizens in both party’s affiliation. Contraception cover is another challenge in the health policy. Due to the issue of the religion, some employers have subjectively denied providing insurance coverage for contraceptives to their employees.

In summary, it is evident that there are several hiccups regarding the health policy that requires an immediate response. Although the current administration has come up with the Affordability Act that had an explicit aim of improving the health sector, they had failed to provide a systematic implementation strategy given that major sources of finance are committed to other economic growth project and that, there are limited resources in the country. Additionally, the cost-benefit analysis was not properly conducted since a lot of taxpayer’s funds are set aside to facilitate the project that has a very low return on investment (“Gaining ground,” 2014). Moreover, these have resulted in increased tax burden across the major groups in the economy hence affecting the welfare of American citizens. Regarding these views, you should consider these aspects and maybe come up with another health policy that would restore the tax rate to normal.




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