Music also brings out the social ill in the society

Music also brings out the social ill

People use a different way to convey messages. There those who write books, journals, or article to communicate to their peers. Moreover, other uses the print media to advocate for their opinion to the public. Nevertheless, there is a group of people that is left among the defined channels of communication and they have established a subculture where they associate themselves with music. This is the case with Cher in his music It’s a Man’s World. He talks in figurative to bring out his message of the important of women and girls. He respects the role played by women to make a man world. Therefore, pop music such as the one was done by Cher is a form of deviance behavior from the popular culture. However, the genre has attracted many followers and members of the group have moved from lower social strata in the society to a high one.

Music also brings out the social ill in the society. They depict the problem of race and ethnicity and of gender and sexuality. One thing that musician has managed to question the status quo in society. For example, Grandmaster Flash in his song The Message outlines the ill he is experiencing in his life. He says because of poverty he cannot afford to out to party as other do. This signifies that he belong to the lower class in society. Thus, his inquisitive has made him defy the norm and question for his status while other can afford a good life. The messages in Flash music identifies with another member of his community and around the world. He, therefore, become a symbol of hope to the hopeless and ends up having a subculture that thrives on hatred that leads to crime. This result to a change in society that tries to solve the problem that youth faces so that they can be cultured in a positive thinking.


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