Policies are theories formulated to guide practices

Community Policing: Policies are theories formulated to guide practices

Policies are theories formulated to guide practices. The process that guides the integration of theory into practice is known as the Diffusion of Innovation (DOI). DOI has been instrumental in promoting social science research for the past five decades. It has been instrumental in providing data on the integration of theory and practice. This information has been helpful in advising improvements to make theories and policies more effective and practical in real life scenarios (Gayadeen and Phillips, 2014). This is especially the case in community policing that requires a higher degree of application and field work.

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) are instrumental in the implementation of community policing initiatives. Community policing is a modern method of policing that involves policing agencies and the communities they work in actively working together to ensure higher safety levels. This has been precipitated by the rising cases of low-level disorder and criminal activities that are more sublime than the traditional serious crimes and criminals. COPS provide critical operational and process information that is useful in improving processes and policies. It also provides information on how different factors affect the integration process due to the different environments involved. COPS provide sufficiently manipulated environments due to the monetary consideration that is involved in their functioning.

The effectiveness of DOI can be sufficiently identified by looking at the time integration takes. This is because time encompasses three critical constructs; first, the level of policy awareness, second, the population’s attitudes towards the policies and last the level of interest the innovation elicits within its field of application. DOI’s effectiveness is also greatly dependent on the capacity of the implementing agency. The more personnel available, the more effective and efficient the diffusion process will be. More research into the reasons agencies drop from the program should be conducted to highlight the effects of communities towards the phenomenon.




Gayadeen, S. M., & Phillips, S. W. (September 01, 2014). The innovation of community policing and the COPS Office: Does diffusion of innovation theory hold in a manipulated environment? International Journal of Police Science & Management, 16(3), 228-242.

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