Problem of Democracy

Problem of Democracy

  1. Question One

Sundquist argues that almost all middle term elections are guided by the performance of the current government.  To him, most of the elections that help in the middle of a president’s term move the majority of the Congress from the President party. Thus, the middle elections act as a revolt against policies being run by the government. Nonetheless, there are few instances where people approved the incumbent party and rewarded it with the majority in the Congress and the house of representative.

  1. Question Two

According to Sundquist, it is very difficult for the Congress to change the constitution. Therefore, if the circumstances are right, the only avenue people can seek a review of the constitution is through judicial review. However, Sundquist suggests that if people can rise they can demand a constitutional change to the troubling dysfunction system.

  1. Question Three

Ranked choice voting promises to solve the problem experienced by the current politics. One it promises to restore the rule of the majority. Through this system, the candidate with the most votes assumes office, and thus the voters get their choice to rule over them. Moreover, ranked choice voting give the voter more power than the current system.

  1. Question Four

Fair representation voting refers to a representation of all voters in the Congress or any other body of government. This method discredits the winner take all system that leaves a huge population unrepresented in the running the affair of government. Thus, this system calls for the division of voters as per their policies and electing their choice to office. This ensures that all groups in the country would be represented.


  1. Question Five

The FairVote simulation of 2012 distributed the House representative to the party with the majority vote. This is not usually the case with the current system where the party with the majority vote has a minority in both House.

  1. Question Six

The tax-rebate system is supported because it allows the populous to influence the outcome of the election rather than wealthy minority groups.  Nonetheless, tax-rebate by the voters resemble public financing of candidates which not a function of public fund.

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