Process of Becoming a Member of Parliament in Either the Lower House or Upper House

Process of Becoming a Member of Parliament in Either the Lower House or Upper House

An MP in the house of common is a representative of a certain geographical region known as a constituency. House of commons is the lower house in the United Kingdom Parliament. It is an elected body that consists of 650 members. An MP is declared the winner by first-past-the-post and remains in office until the dissolution of the parliament. However, the process of standing for this elective position has the following procedure. First, an interested person must have a minimum of 18 years and be a British Citizen. Else, one may be a resident of the Republic of Ireland or a native of a commonwealth nation who has unlimited consent to stay in the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, definite assemblies of people such as civil servants, police and armed forces, judges, bankrupt people and among others are not allowed to vie. Secondly, one must have a political party. Commitment to the political party or issue is more valuable than formal qualification. In most cases, commitment is shown through campaigning and volunteering for the party. One may have an advantage while vying if you have a background in research or casework for an MP, having served as a local councilor, trade union or involved in student politics. Every political party has selection procedure since one has to gain local party members support and get authorization from the nominating officer before one become a parliamentary candidate for a certain constituency. Since these procedures are complicated, one can and as an independent candidate or even register a party by a cost of £150.

Thirdly, so as to position for election, one has to be designated by as a minimum of ten constituents from the area one is vying to represent. Also, one need a guarantee of £ 500 must be paid which is returned if one gets 5% of the total votes during the elections. The fourth step is to publicize you through means such as writing a letter to the newspaper, lead a protest against school or hospital closure and among other means. The fifth step entails raising the funds to finance the campaign. The sources of the fund include family, friends, local business people who may sympathize with your vision. In this regard, there are guidelines concerning expenses and donations that every candidate must adhere to.  The next step is the appointment of an agent. The aspirant must select an agent wisely since they run the campaign and keep and submit the accounts. The other step is to attend the key electoral processes. In this regard, the nominated aspirant is obligated to be present at the inaugural of the postal votes returned and the count. Lastly, after the results have been released, information will be provided on how to show up in legislature. Elected contenders swear a pledge erstwhile to taking a seat as MP.

On the other hand, the MP of national assembly also called House of Lords or upper house is usually appointed. This house is composed of Lords Spiritual and Lords Temporal. The former division consists of 26 bishops from the established Church of England. The latter division consists of life peers that are mostly appointed by monarch following the guidance of the head of state or Appointment Commission of the House of the Lords. Nonetheless, they also consist of some hereditary peers and four dukes.

Therefore, from these two processes of how one can become a member of parliament, the election process of members of the lower house is more democratic than the other house. This is because the general public is given the chance of electing the candidate of their choice unlike the members of the upper house who are appointed by and individual or a group of individuals. More so, the democracy is limited since some members automatically acquire the positions through the hereditary process.

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