Products: Pampers and Human Hair


Products: Pampers and Human Hair

Pampers are babies product while artificial human hair is a women product that they use to decorate their natural hair. In this assignment, I am discussing measures on how to best advertise the two products. To this end, am proposing one of the best electronic advertisement campaigns that can increase sales and a rise in investment.

  1. Who is the audience for each of these products?

The target audience for pampers is young mothers and guardians who use baby products as part of their daily routine. Most of the young mothers get disappointed by the existing brands due to low quality and high prices.

For the human hair, I will target young campus ladies and middle-class women who have a sense of fashion. Human hair is more expensive than the ordinary braids and adds a feeling of elegance to the appearance.

  1. What electronic media would you use to advertise to the diverse groups associated with these products? Why?

The best electronic media for pampers and human hair is Television. Television advertising has the longest reach and is a favorable option for presenting a consistent message. The television advertising is entertaining and takes a shorter time to inform the target audience using motion, sound and color on the advert.

  1. What special considerations would you need to weigh before settling on an electronic advertising strategy for these products?

Before settling on electronic media to use, I will consider how the target audience will reacts to the particular electronic broadcasting. Also, I will consider the reach and frequency of the various media options. Arens et al., (2009) define reach as the total numer of persons who will watch the ad in the specific electronic media.

  1. What other types of media our strategies would you use on each of these products?

The other marketing strategy to use is outdoor advertising. Unlike the traditional advertising media, outdoor advertising reaches a wider market and is a low-cost option. Outdoor advertising entails billboards, banners, and bulletins placed in strategic locations. Advertisers prefer the outdoor marketing when they want to expand the coverage beyond the reach of electronic media (Doraszelki & Markovich, 2007). The main factors to consider when choosing a marketing strategy are message saturation and the cost incurred.





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