Project Risk Register

Project Risk Register

Every startup project is faced with many risks and it is up to the owner to mitigate the risks. Online businesses are faced with risks such as infection by malware and hacking. With developments in technology, there are malicious people who target your website. Hacking defaces one website; they can hijack login details and infect the website with malware. This leads to paralysis business hence losses are incurred (Knowing the Risks of Online Business, 2004). In addition, there is loss of trust from customers hence the number of clients is reduced and revenue lowered. The webhost is responsible for mitigating the risk they should ensure that their websites have tight server security that is not vulnerable to hacking. This risk can also be avoided by having strong passwords, which are hard to crack, and keeping the systems updated. Also in addition to the security measures by the web host, one should have additional software and plugins that protect their website.

Malware including viruses and worms cause a lot of harm to computers. If one’s website is infected with malware, any customer visiting the site will be warned of the malware and hence they will not even open the website to view the good being sold. Google blocks websites infected with malware, and this is an indication of total loss of business. The degree of this risk is high. The owner of the website is responsible for this he or she should ensure the website is secure by the following; cleaning up the malware by installing antimalware software and also set up an email alert when there is the detection of something is wrong with the website. Similarly, constant login into the website will ensure early detection of malware, which is corrected before much damage.




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