Qualities that create good teams

Qualities that create good teams

Teams with good communication among the members will enhance bonding   thus feeling part of the team. Teams with effective and functional communication will always excel in their set tasks as it will always incorporate all the views of individual members.

Good teams’ trusts members and members are expected to commit themselves to achieve the set goals. Group members trust and commit to the course of attaining the goal in which they have laid down the procedures.

Positive attitude and achievable targets keep the teams in good spirit yearning for the better results to the tasks before them. Groups and teams need to have the positive attitude in order for them to progress forward, and this has been demonstrated whenever we have various handles in the team, and we emerge as champions (Barry 26-30).

Social connections enhance co-existence and acceptance of individual strengths and weaknesses, which in turn is a recipe for uplifting each other on the team level, each individual, comes to him or her talents, which benefits the whole team. At the resultant end, the individual will have improved himself or herself depending on the interaction amongst the members thereby creating better teams in sports or at work.

Each group or team is formed to achieve a specified goal at the end; these goals are evaluated at various phases or stages to make sure they are in line with what is expected as a result of the project. Evaluating   the group’s progress toward the project will have a healthy and productive arguments and the group will be better positioned to know the direction they are taking as a team (Barry 30-44). This stage will be crucial for the team as it will be best to see to it that if the plan is not as scheduled   they can change where necessary to fit the team projection.

Group members should have the capacity to resolves the conflict that may arise due to differences in opinions and sides that are taken during the sessions. These conflicts unless resolved immediately when they arise by the team members  they may create a dent or a serious disarray in the team that  may end up causing disintegration in the team or resulting in breaking up.

Role designation for members must be clearly spelt together with duties to be performed by the each one of them in order to simplify and have organization framework for the team. Members will each have a part to play to ensure the teams plan to go as intended and to achieve their set goals will be easy.

Teams that excel in their activities will have time to brainstorm and critically think about how to improve themselves as a team. Brainstorming will bring that extra idea to the team and ensure utilization of each session to the benefit of the team and individual.


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