Shepherd Broad Law Center

Shepherd Broad Law Center.

Shepherd Broad Law Center

Interest in Law

Crime is a social issue that is affecting the world at large, and it needs to be controlled. With the increased rate of terrorist attacks and homicides, I think this is an area that needs to be given a special focus in order to protect the interests of the parties affected in crime incidences. Criminal justices are normally applied to government institutions that focus in upholding social control while controlling crime incidences of those who violate the laws of the land.

The system is composed of legislative, courts and correction institutions. Therefore, defined policies must be applied when prosecuting suspects. For instance, investigations must be conducted before arraigning then in court (Emanuel, 2010). Hence, this area interests me, as I will be able to be directly involved in tackling social issues that are affecting the society and community at large.

Shepherd Broad Law Center

Shepherd Broad Law School is located in Florida, in the United States and offers both full-time and part-time programs throughout the academic year. The school is a private institution and has a good reputation the world over. A renowned philanthropist, Shepherd Broad is credited for the success of the law school because he was keen on developing community leaders, counsel on social issues as well offering financial support for all. The school has a good reputation globally with most of its graduates being recommended by most of the firms. However, the cost is quite high, but my scholarship will cater for that. Further, it has a modern library, which appreciates technology revolution. This will offer a conducive learning environment with an up to date information on all law requirements.

My Skills

When it comes to matters of law, there need the application of analytical thinking in order to establish problem and know how to protecting the victims and the suspect. I believe I have this capability from my experience. Secondly, I normally pay attention to details while in class as well as any activity that am engaged. This will enable me to grasp everything when it comes to investigation and during the hearing of the court cases. In addition, a matter of law requires logical reasoning and more so in criminal justice to determine the events that led from one incidence to the next, I am good at that and will exercise my duty with ease. My ability to read and write is excellent as well as my level of persuasiveness during any situation. Finally, I believe that I have the ability to give a sound judgment when presented with any situation.


I intend to enroll in a full-time program as offered by the institution. This will take me a maximum of four years to complete the degree. The first requirement will be to register with the Law School Data Assembly Services. Secondly, my LSAT score was 3.30, which is what is required for a full-time program. Thirdly, I have recommendations from my former learning institutions. Further, English is my native language, so I will not be required to take any new tests. Finally, my scholarship will cater for all the financial needs during the years of the study.






Emanuel, S. (2010). Criminal law. New York, NY: Aspen Publishers.

Shepherd Broad Law Center