Taking a stand: Moving beyond partisan politics to unite America.

Moving beyond partisan politics to unite America.


The article focuses on Rand Paul, who is an American politician and a renowned physician. Currently, he represents Kentucky in the Senate (Paul, 2015). The article is referenced appropriately using Chicago style. Reliable sources are used, and when the links are opened, they provide dependable information.


Everything in the article is relevant as it is the biography of Paul. This includes information on his childhood, education, a career as a physician and finally his political life. However, his career life has been given more attention as compared to other areas. The article is not neutral, as it focuses much on his political life. In his political life, he seems to attract a lot of attention from media as most of his events have been well documented by the mainstream media in America.

Further, most of the information comes from the articles that are published by various media houses in the country and from the online blogs and websites. Some sources are neutral while others are not. For instance, some of the information published in various newspapers are biased and are highly influenced by the government or even the opposition. The viewpoints are well represented, and the readers can easily capture the general idea put forward.


All the links in the article work and the information is up to date including all the images. Additionally, there is no plagiarism in the article. I admire the way the writer interacts with the readers by ensuring the flow of points or ideas in the article. Secondly, the use of various writing techniques ensures that the readers are entertained and thus find the article interesting. Finally, all writers must follow a specific style of referencing which makes all articles around the world neutral.




Paul, R. (2015). Taking a stand: Moving beyond partisan politics to unite America. Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taking_a_Stand

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