Taming the Beast

Taming the Beast

Of all the incidents of folk-tales, there is none that is more irrational than that of a human getting married to a beast. The persecution of an amorous composition of a fairy tale as critics adds appears to have its roots in a stage of civilization as marriage between a widowed father and his daughter was no longer a taboo. This critic may not have its facts right but the principle is defended correctly. As irrational as these tales may seem, the interpreters and collectors of folklore have never had many difficulties identifying the message they portray or even their goals.

In one of the fairy, tale heroine marries Bluebeard, a story that warns us about curiosity and its consequences. Most versions of this tale single out the heroine’s curiosity as an undesirable trait. One of the versions dramatizes the tale by indicating that even Bluebeard’s wife is frightened by her inability to resist temptation. The story concludes that curiosity takes on both cognitive and sexual dimensions where Bluebeard is seen to engage his wife in a pretense of innocence and vice or that obedience to his commands; this is not a virtue.

Prohibition and violation position as one of the fairy tale’s most important plot categorizations. Most leprechaun tales are a representation of interdictions in all manner of forms. The most basic one simply takes the shape of a prohibition that is explicitly directed to the main character. If we try to figure out on the ways in which an interdiction comes close to a proposal then it quickly becomes a clear reason why the pairs of interdiction/violation and command/fulfillment are used interchangeably.

Discussion Questions

  1. What writing style does Clarence Day use to compose his book?
  2. How is humor portrayed in the story?

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