Text Analysis: Rhetorical Situation

Text Analysis: Rhetorical Situation

People are deemed to follow values that guide what they want in the retail stores and other trading centers. They are well aware of their needs and the places they satisfy them. Business establishments rely heavily on the ability to persuade prospective customers into the consumption of a service or commodity they are offering or selling. They, therefore, resort to using rhetoric into luring the potential consumers using well designed and detailed advertisement to suit a given market niche. Rhetoric strategies are tactics used to change the point of view of a person or a group of people using a specified medium of communication. This is geared towards coping with the ever increasing competition for customers. Thus, the companies must come up with summarized introduction of their products or services, how the customers will benefit, and consequently increase sales revenue. This essay will demonstrate how the graphic advertisement of axe deodorant body spray is devised to convince prospective customers about the advantages of the product.

Smell sweet, not sweaty is the central theme of the advert. The issue of the odor has been a problem for many people and often causes embarrassment both in private and in public. The use of deodorants is thus recommended to counteract this scenario. The advertising company actually uses ethos to demonstrate that the use of their product will not only have a refreshing effect but also build confidence. Ethos may be termed as the credibility of the author in delivering their conflicting opinions.   In addition, the deodorant has no illustrated side effects as well as is not irritating, and is, therefore, fit for use by anyone who affords it.

Furthermore, the advertisement emphasizes the fact that using the deodorants ensures the clothes are not stained in the armpit area. The gentleman in the image is comfortably lifting his arms as proof of this claim.  He is also standing on a raised stump to signify the uplifting feeling that accrues to the body spray. As a matter of fact, an experiment was done by Ismail, Ahmad and Ismail revealed that deodorant sprays were more stable than other forms of fragrances on the human skin (464). Moreover, it was also evident from their study that particles of these sprays take significantly longer to disintegrate, thereby confusing in causing visible patches on clothes (464).

This advertisement is fitting for the target population. First, it uses the appropriate people to sell out the idea of the company regarding Axe deodorant. Secondly, the setting of the advert is suitably selected because it shows a public scenario in which the use of body spray is inevitable. The young generation is desperate for attention and works diligently towards attracting the targeted people. Many of the ladies are insanely in search of fashionable attire and most often fall into the trap of indecent exposure. This emanates from the use of celebrities and models in the advertisement.

Since these stars are perceived as credible, there is the tendency of copying their styles of dressing and general demeanor without thinking why they chose to do it at the time of the advert. The ladies used in the advert are natural, and they don’t display any indecency. Their mode of dressing is official, and they seem serious about their work until the man arrives and distracts them from their duties. Similarly, the lad used in the advertisement is well groomed and is not behaving suspiciously. He is submissive to the authorities he finds at the airport, a clear indication that respect should be accorded to those in authority regardless of the position one holds in the society. His confidence can be attributed to the scent of Axe deodorant.

Notably, the advert is targeted at young adults, middle-class citizens and high-income earners. This is exhibited by the company’s choice of characters and the setting of the advert in the airport. The gentleman is a middle-class traveller due to his mode of dressing and the two ladies are young and employed. This advert is serving the purpose of informing potential customers that having a working status is the only way to make the deodorant affordable. It is therefore intended to acts as a motivation to those seeking to the body spray.

This commercial advertisement uses the technique of glittering generalities to lure customers into buying the deodorant. This is where an advertising agency utilizes striking imagery and charming wording to market the commodities. The information this approach gives is composed of a hidden agenda besides buying the product.  Inferentially, using Axe body spray is set to change the way people interact for the better by offering a simple solution. Although it does not provide any guarantee that the social impacts will be the same, the appearance of the graphic and the positioning of the models is convincing enough for the target market.

On the other hand, the Axe deodorant advert is biased with respect to age. It does not create an appeal to the older generation due to the characters used as well as the poses. Some of the middle-aged people may consider the scenario inappropriate, especially those rooted in religion. More so, in some cultures, the graphic may be considered a disgrace in the view of children. It displays the deodorant as a way of attracting romance rather than for self-esteem. This would make the potential customers not desire the product and opt for other alternatives.

However, deodorants have been linked heavily to respiratory illnesses, allergies and even development of cancer. A study conducted by Heisenberg et al. shows that deodorants account for about 25 percent of allergic contact dermatitis (260). This quantitative evidence explicitly displays the advert as a hoax for not disclosing the adverse effects associated with the use of the body spray. This evidence is backed up by an investigation done by Kendall where she found out that petroleum compounds form approximately 95 percent of ingredients used in perfumes (1). Consequently, these chemicals are probable triggers of cancer, nerve disorders, and birth related defects.

From the foregoing, it is undisputable that various inferences can be drawn from the advertisement of Axe deodorant body spray. They are mainly neatness, decent mode of dressing, self-esteem, mutual respect, and social interaction. Furthermore, the setup sets the standard for the product in terms of average pricing and the target market, while it relays the message of boosting confidence in public places. All these morals notwithstanding, the advert appears controversial as it fails to highlight the facts associated with the excessive or inappropriate use of the deodorant.  Additionally, it seems inappropriate for children and religious prospective customers. This could adversely affect the reputation and overall profitability of the company.



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