An Interview with My Teacher

An Interview with My Teacher

Teaching is one of the professions which most people do not consider when they are making life choices about their careers. When I was going up, most people never wanted to be teachers, and they ended up in teaching as their last resort. Hence, during one of the class assignments, I decided to have an interview with my teacher to determine what a career in teaching means and the satisfaction that comes from it by the end of the day.

During the interview, I arrive at his office earlier than expected to be prepare and make myself comfortable with the environment. However, he texts and confirms that he will be late for at least 20 minutes to take care of an emergency and proposed that I make myself comfortable in his office before he arrives. As I wait for him, I take the time to look around, and all I could see is a lot of photos being hanged on the wall marked in various areas, get curious and decide to look even closer to determine whether I can recognize any of the faces in the photos. Luckily, I can identify a few who were a renowned alumnus of our school who participated in various competitions across the country. Her table is well organized, a family photo with many other items on the table. This is a clear indication that he is a family person, well organized and that she values her students. Within a few minutes, he arrives and gets ready for the interview.

Mr. Gordon is a warm, welcoming and kind-hearted people I have ever known. He takes his job seriously and is always accountable for his duties and students in any case. He has been teaching for the last 12 years, and he clearly affirms his love for the job when he says, ‘I completely love my job, and I would never imagine myself in another career.’ As we settle down for the interview, he thanks me for taking the chance and time to recognize his good work and the teaching career. To start with, he tells me that his both his parents were teachers back in their day, and he has grown up loving what they do. This is the reason as to why he decided to be a teacher and continue the family tradition as his parents were respected teachers back in their time.

From my curiosity, I ask him what a typical day for a teacher means. He explains that when gets to his office by 7.30 am depending on his schedule for the day and plan for the days lessons as planned in the school’s program. This may involve quick meeting with the seniors and get updated on the day’s program. Apart from teaching, he is also the school soccer coach and takes his time after teaching to train the school team. Additionally, he ensures that he has enough time to spend with his family. My next question to him is whether the career is rewarding as compared to other careers.

She affirms that “teaching is one of my greatest passions that I have lived to fulfill in my life. I may earn less, but I fully feel satisfied when he knows I have shaped the future generation of this country”. Over the years, she says that there have been numerous changes in their wages and benefits as the federal government has consequently reviewed them. As I enquire more, she explains that “The labor unions have also played their part in ensuring that their salaries and benefits are reviewed depending on the inflation rates of the economy. “She also tells me that the school provides the best facilities for students and the teaching fraternity. The fact that the school offers a scholarship to the needy students makes his career fulfilling seeing bright students get access to quality education.

My next question is on the challenges that he has come across in his years in teaching. He pauses, smiles and finally laughs as he tries to comprehend what he should answer. Over the years, the challenges have been different because I have seen and taught various generations. The traditions and morals in our society are also changing. He says that in the early days, students used to respect their teachers, unlike today when the law prohibits teachers from disciplining their students whenever they are wrong. The new technology has played a role in minimizing teacher-student relationship as they can prefer to learn and submit their assignments online to make the matters even worse.

She says her career is more that teaching students in class as she tries to teach them more about life. “The current curriculum requires teachers to go back to school to increase their knowledge and skills to remain relevant in the teaching industry which might take time and their finances to achieve this.” Finally, I take the time to thank her for availing himself for the interview. She encourages me to do what I am passionate about when it comes to choosing the right career in order to make a social change when my time comes.


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