Application to an International Health Management Program

International Health Management

Although the healthcare system in Qatar is one of the best and most innovative in the world, I still think that it has the potential to be better or even the best. Young people are the greatest resource a country can have. Their raw and unexploited knowledge and skills potential offer a relatively inexhaustible source of creativity and innovation (Naím, 2009). My country has recognized this fact and is encouraging young people to strive for excellence by adopting their ideas and supporting their research and development programs. With global processes being relatively standardized across the globe due to the ease of transfer of technology and knowledge, I see that the future of innovation lies in ensuring the improvement of service quality. To this end, I believe that the knowledge and practice I will gain in the study of this program will help me enhance Qatar’s healthcare system, and in turn the global healthcare systems, by developing more efficient and transparent policies and guidelines.

I believe that there is a significant global need for better leaders and leadership development programs especially in the field of medicine and medical services. Leadership failure in ordinary companies results only in financial losses but in medical institutions, it results in loss of both money and lives. A strong and proactive leadership development program will be instrumental in ensuring continuity and consistency in leadership (In Siegel, 2014). I plan on establishing such a program in my institution after completing my studies to encourage all healthcare workers to improve their leadership and management skills. Imagine a facility where even the janitor can make sound and effective decisions. Execution and reporting times would effectively be cut by up to 90% increasing overall facility efficiency. I will also have the capacity to take on larger projects effectively creating opportunities for more young people to participate in the development of better systems to the betterment of humanity.



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