Asian Women in the United States

Asian Women in the United States


Mind a little introduction?

We are the Asian Women in the United States;


We are not foreigners,

See, our Identity reads Asian-American

We seek not to fit in,

We seek recognition for the people we are


The media, items of literature, theatrical acts,

All give this corrupted, inaccurate picture of our being

We are not this ‘weird’ people with a funny accent

Remember we speak another language too

Can we get to embrace this sense of diversity?

Well, we neither eat nor dress as you do,

Yes, we are conservatives,

We simply belong to different cultures.

And different is not (Smith).


We hold our marriages and families in high esteem,

The social structure so crucial to us,

We hold our place as the women and mothers

Hardworking, industrious as you too are

We are quite educated, unlike the stereotype

Statistics place us higher in the percentage of Bachelor’s degree holders (Smith).


We are not racists

We are victims of minority discrimination

We are not timid

We choose to be reserved

Will we embrace each other as people of a nation?





Works Cited

Smith, Marcus. Fact Sheet: The State of Asian American Women in the United States. Center for American Progress. November 7 2013. Web. 18 March 2016.




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