A Better You from the Ted Talk

A Better You from the Ted Talk

The speaker presents various ideas and facts about what makes life better and interesting. I can learn a lot from the talk and use it to make my life better. To start with, the speaker highlights that, ‘if you cannot measure it, it is most certainly that it does not exist.’ This means that I should not worry about things that do not exist in life. If the case I make any mess in my life, I should stand up and clean it up and organize myself to be a better person. This teaches me that I should not dwell on my past; instead, I should focus on making my life better.

Secondly, I should understand more important things such as connection. This is the power that binds me together with other people. I should not allow shame to disconnect me from other people for the fear of the unknown. Although shame is universal, I should have a sense of courage and never think that I am not good enough.

Further, the talk challenges me to have the courage to be imperfect. Compassion should enable me to be kind to other people. I should also develop more connection to people who matter and ensure authenticity. Additionally, I should avoid being numb and strive to be the best in everything that I do. Although no one is perfect, I should take all challenges as learning opportunities by doing everything to my level best. In future, I will also not force my children to be perfect in order to achieve things that I did not achieve during my time. Rather, I should encourage them to do their best.

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